To source and engage with the right type of candidates for your Care Home, you need a strategy and hiring solution that seamlessly combines cutting edge technology, innovative sourcing methods and an expert team to help you deliver the results you need to remain competitive and compliant. You need The Care Hub.


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See how The Care Hub can help you...

Review, screen and shortlist all your candidate applications from your own private dashboard.

Manage your candidates experience from one single, easy to use interface with the use of a fully automated and templated candidate response management suite.

Store and retrieve your applicant and candidate CV's and Data sheets for your entire organisation from one single database. You can also manage & maintain your talent pipelines.

What is The Care Hub?

Why The Care Hub?

The Care Hub is a new recruitment platform for the Care Industry, designed to streamline your online recruitment, saving you up to 95% on fees and reducing admin time and costs by at least half.

Care Home Business Owner and Managers are run off their feet on a day to day basis and there are a number of key areas for concern within the care industry which include; high turnover of staff, large gender bias towards women and a general shortage of talent. 

In addition to saving you time and money, The Care Hub aims to address these issues too, through the use of cutting-edge technology and sourcing methods that will help you attract and engage those hard to reach individuals that are so badly needed.  There has never been a better time or place for Care providers and workers to come together in a single place... The Care Hub. 

If you have an ineffective recruitment process and candidate attraction strategy then valuable time is wasted doing menial tasks such as managing paper filing systems and manually processing application forms. This wastage is costing you and your Care Home money.  The Care Hub will enable you to become more efficient by enabling you to attract and engage those candidates that you’d struggle to reach through traditional recruitment methods. By delivering these efficiencies in your recruitment process, you can reinvest the time you have saved supporting, training and engage your current workforce which in turn should help you motivate and retain your staff. 

Free Advertising
Reporting & Analytics
Talent Pools

Quickly build your own company specific talent pools so that you can engage previous applicants without the need for advertising. 

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. You can track every step of your process from your advert placement to the candidate start date. Helping you to speed up your recruitment

Members of the Care Hub community will be able to advertise free of charge through the Care Hub Job Board which is specific to the Care Sector saving you time and money. 

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